Would you like transcendental spiritual union with your partner? Has it gotten kind of boring? Did you not know how to let go of your own judgment of your partner or yourself? Would you like to throw those pieces up in the air and have them fall back down and land in a different picture?
YES, please!



  • Is it good enough?

    We are emotional creatures. We are intellectual, spiritual, and psychic creatures. Our Bodies are much more than just “our bodies.” Just like our arms and feet, each one of our energetic bodies has an important role to play with us.

  • Is there more to sex?

    The problem is that we tend to only pay attention to the physical body. It's kind of like wandering around looking for a light socket to stick your finger in! Sure, you’ll get a sudden jolt of sensation, but it only lasts so long. It’s cosmically tiny on the Universal scale of things.

  • Spiritual Transcendence

    The healthiest and longest living relationships cultivate Love in all layers of the sexual experience. Meeting the other in loving-kindness, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and with praise. In this course you'll be trained in simple but powerful energy work to enhance your sexual energy in all layers of your being.

This is what you're getting:

Millenia of research have taught us the herbs and energy practices that support the cultivation of sexual energy. There are people so fluent in this that they consistently experience the sublime bliss of transcendental union. From this point on, you're one of them.

  • Downloadable eBook with easy-to-digest science and energy methods to connect fully with your partner. There are a million ways to make love to your beloved.

  • Nine instructional videos with intimate training in the energy practices and techniques to clear old sexual energy and enhance your spiritual sexual experience.

  • 10% off a private consultation with Dr. Cynthia Clark, award winning Chinese medicine doctor, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, and Medical Qigong Practitioner.