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You can understand why we're excited about this! For the first time in recent history functional medicine and natural alternatives are acknowledged as having an important place at the table of human wellness. And it's about time! Almost a third of deaths in the USA are preventable and almost 12 millions Americans are misdiagnosed annually. Billions are spent on pharmaceuticals...but one by one, we are waking up to good, natural and simple solutions.

We are Longevity Wellness, and we are medicine with integrity. 

Our promise to you is that we will help to restore vitality and balance to your body, mind and spirit. We promise to do this through education and healthy methods, never compromising your potential for the sake of systems and profit. Our goal for you is the same as yours: Complete Health Freedom – and the experience of life as your full potential.

Think about it...  Instead of having to wait for your next check up, would it be be useful to be able to click a few buttons on your phone or computer, to quickly and easily:

...  watch your doctor explain a sleep improvement technique?

... or look up a herbal recipe from your nutritionist to help you cleanse some negative emotion?

... or practice a simple breathing technique to accelerate your healing progress, in a short tutorial with your esoteric healer?

... or quickly put to use some metacognition techniques for calming anxious thought, in an easy demonstration by our clinic ontologist?

When you grab your monthly access (no obligation!) you'll be able to browse meditations, video tutorials and webinar replays with leading-edge wisdom and method from or catalogue of expertise. We are medicine with integrity, and our goal is to empower you with simple, easy and quick tools and techniques for natural wellness. Our favorite topics address your body systems, organs, energies and emotions, your mindset and lifestyle. 

Our team of natural health specialists at Longevity Wellness are constantly creating bitesized nuggets of medical wisdom that you now have access to at a super-affordable monthly rate of only $10! 

We are inviting you to tap into our extensive knowledge and expertise in a series of live online classes and our entire library of video, audio and pdf resources! Here's what you can expect:

  • Optimizing your cognitive function, 
  • improving your digestive system, 
  • rebooting your mindset, 
  • harmonizing your emotional field, 
  • balancing your body chemistry...

You no longer need to wait for a doctor to fix things, you are EMPOWERED! By joining these classes you have access to insider knowledge from world-class healers. 

The live classes are delivered in intimate, small group settings with options for you to ask questions directly of the experts!

The library membership comes with access to our exclusive member area, far away from the prying eyes of social media, where you can join like-minded people ready to power-up their wellness and longevity.

Check out our areas of expertise, and see if any of these might be useful for you:

Simple recipes and how-to's from our award-winning Chinese Medicine nutritionist to show you how to use ordinary herbs for outstanding cellular healing, covering detoxing, purifying, cleansing, increasing your radiance and beauty.
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Applied medical Qigong has been used for centuries to balance and align the body's energy systems. Our black-belt acclaimed martial arts teacher demonstrates simple energy techniques for restoring the optimal health to your organs, body systems and emotional wellbeing.
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When you align your outlook with beneficial frameworks of thinking, all else falls into place. With insight and wisdom from several schools of thought, our specialists in esoteric healing and ontology give beautiful life lessons that will blow your mind.
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"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food" said Hippocrates, and we trust his medical authority! We'll show you the ropes in clean eating and mindful appreciation of sustenance, the easiest life-line available. Learn simple nutrition, how to read labels, safe recipes for detoxing, and how to easily boost the nutritional value of foods.
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    Videos range in length from 10 - 60 minutes and contain easy to implement life hacks that will improve your wellness in every area of life. A trip to the doctor takes a lot longer! What we've spent decades studying you can learn today.

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    The difference between natural health and Western medicine is that with natural health you have everything you need already to make a big impact on your health. Reduce the need for medical intervention by starting today!

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    Whether it's a recipe for an herbal tea, an energy clearing technique or a metacognition tool for changing your mindset - you can be sure we only share the most effective and immediate tools that we have studied and perfected over the years.

It's an easy, friendly and fun way to learn!

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