You CAN have healthy relationships with your loved ones. It involves a combination of truth and grace. Grace is the forgiveness piece, and truth involves you speaking your truth and revealing yourself fully so that your loved ones can really know you. In this course you’ll work on clearing energy strings between you and your loved ones so that you can enjoy the meaningful relationships you so desire.
Yes, please!

What are relationships?

And can they really heal? And can they really heal us?

  • What's the point?

    Every relationship has its service to us. Every single one. Including the one with ourselves. If that is true, then we have benefited from every connection. We have learned, we have loved, we have experienced.

  • What about the yuck?

    Relationships are the juice of life: both the hardest and best parts of our lives. "Everyone is a mirror image of yourself - your own thinking coming back to you." - Byron Katie. We can learn a lot about ourselves and others from our relationships: especially from the difficult times.

  • Can it heal?

    By cultivating your personal biofield with proper nutrition and on-point energy techniques, your relationships WILL change. These loving and effective energy techniques bring awareness to the necessary steps for healing your favorite relationships (and your not-so-favorite ones!).

This is what you're getting:

Research shows healthy relationships have a tremendous benefit in our lives: from being healthier to more successful. But unhealthy relationships have a negative effect. And you can change this! Relationships have a certain set of characteristics when cultivated by mindful people. These people experience clarity in communication, empathy and understanding even with all their differences. From this point on, you're one of them.

  • Downloadable eBook with easy-to-digest science and energy techniques for significantly improving your relationships.

  • Nine instructional videos with intimate training in the energy practices and techniques to clear, harmonize and re-balance relationships.

  • 10% off a private consultation with Dr. Cynthia Clark, award winning Chinese Medicine doctor, functional medicine nutritionist, and Medical Qigong practitioner.