Personalized Weightloss Plan

with supporting supplements for stuck weight reversal.

  • TEST Don't GUESS

    Take an easy at-home saliva & urine at-home test.

  • Nutritional Counseling

    Get the guidance you need on exactly what food to eat WHEN and WHY! You'll get lifelong useful information.

  • Carbon Technology Detoxification

    Detoxify and eat great according to your customized meal plan. WIN at reversing STUCK WEIGHT for good!

Sexier Than a Donut Reversing Stuck Weight Contest Benefitting Lionfish Central Charity!

YOU are ready for a change - AND you're ready to change the world for good!  We're delighted to partner with you to help clean up our oceans, and clean up you, too!  Are you ready?  Here's how to learn more about Lionfish Central:

First we'll start with setting you up for success by testing your neurotransmitters and hormones.   TEST, DON'T GUESS!  Listen to find out about the 4 different kinds of anxiety that can go along with stuck weight.

We all want to get where we're going, but life isn't just about the destination - it's also about the journey.  

And who you're  journeying with makes all the difference in how likely you are to succeed!  So let's meet your Team Members.  This is Dr. Denise Baker, Your MD.

Why does it matter to work with a dedicated Functional Medicine Nutritionist?

We all have cravings for certain foods at times.  Is it just stress?  Or bad habits?  Or is there more to the story?  Is there some hidden reason you might be having food cravings?  

So we're clear.  Neurotransmitters might be off, causing you to not have the energy to make good food choices.  Hormones can be off, making you feel lousy and not move which can lead to stagnant gut.  Certain fungus like candida can cause intense cravings for food.  Is that all?  The answer is NO.  There's something else that can WRECK your RESULTS:

How do we ensure success?  We Measure.  What are the Metrics of Stuck Weight?

Getting rid of stuck weight is never about just one thing.  It's not just your diet, your exercise,  your blood tests, or your supplements.  It's ALL of it.  That's why this program is designed to meet you where you are and guide you through every step of the way.  Here's what you'll get! 

How Does It Work?

I've tried other programs before. What's different?

What do I need to do?

We'll be right here with you every step of the way. You'll know exactly what you're supposed to do when, and you'll have the industry-leading technology to assist your progress. Here's the process -->
I've tried other programs before. What's different?

You've dealt with this long enough.

The right coach makes all the difference. I would LOVE to be your coach.

Let's Do This!