Sometimes you’re aware of when an emotion gets stuck: a really big hurt hits deep and sticks. Other times you’re not: you might just swallow it and keep on trucking, only to find yourself bawling or yelling on the way home from work months later, over no apparent reason. Sometimes emotions can just be tough to release. This class includes special work to clear energy from every organ system in your body. In this workshop, you will go through the process of clearing all those blockages one by one. And you’ll know what to do when they happen again in the future.

What are stuck emotions?

And how can I let them go?

  • Why do emotions stick?

    Any emotion can be pathogenic if it gets stuck, lasts too long, can’t get released. Feeling emotions is GOOD – even sadness, grief – these are natural expressions. It’s ENERGY in MOTION! When we deny, suppress or even identify with emotions we keep them stuck in our energy field.

  • What happens?

    Problems arise when the emotions get stuck. When there’s something that won’t move through. Those grievances manifest in our organs where they fester, causing inflammation, stagnation and disease, not to mention the toll on our relationships, responsibilities and joy.

  • Can I fix it?

    YES! Everything is energy and you have all you need to cleanse, balance, align and optimize your emotional field. In this course you'll receive a downloadable eBook and a series of instructional videos to empower you to release. Are you ready to let go of some big rocks? If YES, move on!

This is what you're getting:

Research shows stuck emotions become disease. Some people are highly skilled in transforming those energies and releasing them before they cause harm. From this point on, you're one of them.

  • Downloadable eBook with easy-to-digest science and energy hacks for releasing stuck emotions quality.

  • Nine instructional videos with intimate training in the energy practices and techniques to identify, locate, transmute and release stuck emotions..

  • 10% off a private consultation with our energy doctor.

Course curriculum